Playdoughboy “Lovely EP” (Self released), 2006
Playdoughboy “Influx EP” (Underphunk Digital), 2009
Playdoughboy “We Love Music EP” (Groove Sense Record), 2009
Andrew Shatnyy & Playdoughboy “Fake EP” (Freaks Culture Records), 2009
Playdoughboy “San Francisco EP” (Electro Connect), 2010
Playdoughboy “Nana EP” (Mizumo Music), 2010
Playdoughboy “Take You Deep EP” (Nuwax Records), 2010
Playdoughboy “Let’s Tango EP” (KGBeats Records), 2011

Appears on:
V/A “Freeze@Myspace” (Freeze Mgzn), 2007 – incl. “Attack” – CD
V/A “TestPressSF” (Epiphyte Records), 2007 – incl. “I Need U” – CD
V/A “Connection” (Electro Connect), 2008 – incl. “Space Invasion”
V/A “Zumobeatz” (Mizumo Music), 2009 – incl. “Nana Song”
V/A “Winter 2009 Sampler” (Freaks Culture Records), 2009 – incl. “Fake”
V/A “The Annual: Best Of The Freaks 2009” (Freaks Culture Records), 2010 – incl. “Fake”
V/A “Week-End Weapons 1.0” (Freaks Culture Records), 2010 – incl. “Fake”
V/A “ZumoBeatz: 2010 Review” (Mizumo Music), 2010 – incl. “Nana (Juan Little Devil Mix)”
V/A “The Annual: Best Of The Freaks 2010” (Freaks Culture Records), 2011 – incl. “Fake”
V/A “100 Volume One” (Mizumo Music), 2011 – incl. “Oksygen – No Problems! (Playdoughboy Remix)”
V/A “We Are Opilec” (Opilec Music), 2011 – incl. “Take You Deep” – CD

Rachel Car “I Know You Want Me (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Strater Records), 2007 – CD
Rachel Car “Tell Her (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Strater Records), 2007 – CD
Andrew Shatnyy “USSR (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Underphunk Digital), 2009
FatMagic “Higher (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Animasound), 2009 – CD
FatMagic “I Still Believe (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Animasound), 2010
Oksygen “No Problems! (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Mizumo Music), 2010
Korablove “Lanterns Light (Playdoughboy Remix)” (KGBeats Records), 2010
Fusky “Intant (Playdoughboy Rework)” (Fierce Animal Recordings), 2010
Camilo “Oz (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Nuwax Records), 2011
Vova West “Toreador (Playdoughboy Remix)” (Nuwax Records), 2011
Roman Pushkin “Turkish (Playdoughboy Remix)” (World Sound Recordings), 2012

Coming soon:
Juan Little Devil “Chunky (Playdoughboy Remix)” (TBA), 2012
Playdoughboy “San Francisco. Remixes” (Nuwax Records), 2012
V/A “Nuwax Nukes Vol. 1” (Nuwax Records), 2012
Playdoughboy “Take You Deep EP” (Opilec Music), 2012